School Mission:
The mission of the Harmony Independent School District is for each student to develop to their full potential. This encompasses all of the essential academic skills and a strong knowledge base to be productive citizens and have a solid foundation to pursue lifelong learning.
School Goal:
Harmony ISD will provide instructional programs for all students that foster a high standard of academic achievement, good behavior, and self-worth; moreover, students will be adequately prepared with academic and marketable skills to enter the post secondary arena.
High School Academic Programs:

For additional assistance regarding the high school academic programs, please visit the Student Service Coordintor's, Lynn Elms, page below:
Harmony High School is very proud of its teachers and students.  The goal of our academic programs is to offer variety to the students while being able to meet all state requirements.  Students have the opportunity to take a variety of electives and be eligible for one or more graduation endorsements.  For more information about each of the different academic programs, please click on the appropriate link below:

Content Areas:

Campus Information:

The most current performance rating for Harmony High School is
Met Standard

Harmony High School earned Distinction Awards in Reading/ELA, and Mathematics


The Texas Education Agency currently assigns only one of two ratings for schools. 
1. Met Standard
Needs Improvement